Emerald Energy Institute, for Petroleum, Energy Economics, Policy and Strategic Studies (EEI), is a collaborative Institute for graduate education in Petroleum & Energy Economics, Management & Policy.

It was established in 2008 as an international collaborative center for graduate studies and continuing education and applied Public Policy research on contemporary petroleum and power policy issues and problems.

The Emerald Energy Institute currently offers the following postgraduate degree options. The courses offered in the Institute are modular and they are classified into four categories depending on the degree option selected. The options are,

  1. PGD Petroleum and Energy Economics
  2. Professional Masters of Energy Economics. Options-Oil and Gas Economics, Gas and Power Economics, Energy Policy & Regulation
  3. M.Sc. Petroleum Economics, Management and Policy Programme
  4. M.Sc. Energy Economics, Management and Policy Programme
  5. Ph.D. Petroleum Economics 
  6. Ph.D. Energy Economics

The degree programs provide good understanding of the workings of the oil and gas and the power industry in a global context, thereby allowing graduates to take up employments in international organizations interested in analyzing the dynamics of the global oil, gas and power markets. Because the program provides an interdisciplinary framework for the understanding of strategic values of each segment of the industry, job opportunities in the MDAs supervising the industry and the financial institutions funding the industry, are also very likely.

These programmes make maximum use of local, regional and international petroleum and energy experts in academia, industry/business and government institutions.

The emphasis on building capacity for petroleum and energy sectors locally in Nigeria to complement professional training overseas in energy and petroleum policy issues and problems drives the passion and commitment of EEI to excellence.

Thus, Emerald Energy Institute in the University of Port Harcourt, an institute of excellence is established and anchored on local, regional and global academic faculty and industry experts in energy and petroleum to train highly skilled personnel and to conduct research on energy policy, management, and economics.

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